Prat Nord urban development.
Restricted international competition. 1.600.000 m2.
— Barcelona, 2009
with Claus en Kaan architecten

  • Program: housing, terciary, commercial, public spaces, green spaces.

  • Site: El Prat de Llobregat (BCN), Spain.

  • Surface: 160 ha site, 1.900.000 m2 buil surface, 80 ha park.

  • Budget: 2.500.000.000 euros.

  • Client: Consorci Prat Nord.

  • Chronology: 2008.

  • Collaboration with Kaan Architecten

  • Masterplan

The master plan studied the area between the city of Barcelona, the airport and El Prat with its industrial area constrained by motorways, railways, metro lines and the river. The land between the city and the northern reaches has long been cut off by large-scale transit infrastructures making it difficult to access. The project was undertaken to fuse the new development with the 19th-century fabric of the old city, and supported by new underground roads and rail links and by including a new seventy-hectare metropolitan park connected to the riverbed of the Llobregat as well as the river delta landscape. The programme includes office buildings, business and commercial spaces, sports facilities, and 5000 homes. It is an enormous project to be implemented in phases over twenty to thirty years, and aims to rearrange the metropolitan area by integrating old and new infrastructure, giving back visibility to El Prat’s landscape, and creating a new park at the southern entrance to Barcelona.

• “PLANTA” Museum of Sorigué company, Menarguens, Spain 2009-2013  stretegic concept design and preliminary project

• Pu Gattinara historic centre. Italy, 2007

• Block of 54 social dwellings, INCASOL. Barcelona, 2007

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Winning competition projects

• Prat Nord urban development. Restricted international competition. 1.600.000 m2. Barcelona, 2009  with Claus en Kaan architecten

• INCASOL competition for 64 social dwellings. 6,200 m2. Barcelona 2005

• Competition for young emerging architects. Barcelona, 2004

• Centocittà Novi Ligure competition. 2,600 m2. Genova, 2003

• New Deiva Marina seafront competition. 21,000 m2, Deiva Marina, 2002

• Transformation of Genoa General Markets. 65,000 m2. Genoa 2001