New Deiva Marina seafront competition. 21,000 m2
— Deiva Marina, 2002

Deiva waterfront project develops a highly structured system that permits to dialogue at different levels with the urban net and with surrounding landscape. Our desire was to define a architectonic organism that could represent a new identification mark for Deiva also resolving functional problems as such as of spatial and constructing quality. The concept was to consider this waterfront like a cruise ship deck. Every new function with relevant dimensions as been inserted in the ground design, capable to develop its self on different level and connecting each project reference point. Action such as walking, sitting down and rest under the shadow must be resolved trough spatial solutions in which such richness can be freely expressed.

Project Data:
Project winner of the competition for ideas for the reconstruction of the sea promenade of the Municipality of Deiva Marina (La Spezia), which ended in October 2002.
Competition Sponsor:Deiva Sviluppo S.L.
project surfaces:
  • sea-walk:  8.150 m2
  • urban green : 1.100 m2
  • bathing facilities: 1.450 m2
  • commercial space: 2.230
  • information center: 320 m2
  • parking: 4.900 m2

_ The project has been published in Venice Biennale 2004, in Arsenale, in the Section of "young talented Italian Architects under 30"

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