“Net.it: a snapshot of contemporary architecture, design and photography in Italy”
ISBN: 978-84-95951-89-2

Train01, co-founder architect firm, selected for this book.

As a land that celebrates both the ancient verities and cutting-edge design, Italy presents the perfect incubator and a challenging minefield for contemporary architectural projects. Here, some of the most innovative firms, designers, and thinkers in the field, whether armed with CAD software or cameras, generate new initiatives that are crossing strict cultural divisions of disciplines and promoting interchange among differing contexts.

This book covers recent projects exploring those interconnections by firms like IaN+, a Rome-based office whose Goethe House in Tokyo changes to adapt to use; Gabriele Basilico, the award-winning photographer whose work records urban boundary zones where old and new merge, such as vacant factories, discarded commercial buildings, and abandoned housing blocks; Stalker, a radical architectural and urban research collective that grew out of the Italian student movements of the early 1990s; and other groups and artists like Multiplicity, Armin Linke, Avatar, Nunzio Battaglia, Fabrizio Leoni, and Dap Studio.